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Top 7 Chatbot Monetization Strategies You Need to Know

Chatbots are new and hot but how do you get them to make money for your company?

Chatbots are new and hot but how do you get them to make money for your company? Is it really possible to leverage chatbots to generate sales? More importantly, have you created a chatbot but are struggling to monetize it?

Regardless of whether you are an entrepreneur or a company, monetization is something that has to be kept in the forefront of your endeavor.

Successful development does not guarantee monetization

The success of chatbots has increased the competition in the chatbot marketing. Interestingly, the process of developing chatbots is becoming increasingly easy thanks to chatbot tools. With bigwigs like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Facebook announcing their intent to join the chatbot bandwagon, they remain one of the hottest and most discussed topics. Now, all that is fine. The million-dollar (no pun intended) question, however, remains the same-how can you monetize chatbots? Yes, some products are making money, but those are few and far between. These platforms require stable AND repeat clients to be able to grow in a sustained manner. Your goal must be to leverage chatbot as something that is akin to a traditional business model which imparts value and is monetized in an incremental manner.


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