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How Airlines Use Facebook Bots.

It’s nothing new — Big companies such as Starbucks, CNN, Microsoft, Tommy Hilfiger, KIA, Pizza Hut and Co are making use of bots to support their customers and market their products. With all the recent noise around bots airlines have also found an interesting use case to catch up with the trend.

The Colombian airline Avianca has recently introduced the Avianca bot to Facebook Messenger. The bot answers frequently asked questions, facilitates check-ins and gives customers access to their flight information, personalized alerts, and weather forecasts. The current version of the bot is in Spanish but an English version is expected to be released soon. Avianca’s bot complements the company’s effort to reach out further to its customers over social media channels with 24/7 support.

Flight Check-Ins

Customers of the airline can conveniently use the bot to check-in their flight over Facebook Messenger.

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