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Why Bots Suck and How to Improve them Quick!

Over the past year I have been working on bots. During this time period, I have consulted many of the top Bot Companies like Swelly, OutBrain, NearGroup… just to name a few. Here are a few major take aways. I hope this helps in your bot project and that ultimately bots go in the right direction.

When compared to their App counterparts many of the top bots are struggling to have similar engagement and retention numbers. This is a huge issue! Ultimately it tells us something about the platform that we should have intuited a long time ago, conversations are limiting.

Who’s Killing It?

There are a few narrow use cases where engagement and retention are much higher in a bot, and I mean MUCH HIGHER. These uses cases often REQUIRE Conversations. NearGroup is a perfect example of this… If you took the conversations out of the NearGroup Bot, the Bot would fail!

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