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This chatbot helps Airbnb hosts answer guests’ questions faster than ever before

Burner has launched another chatbot to demonstrate the potential of its mobile application and service. With Hostbot, hosts of short-term vacation rentals through Airbnb, HomeAway, VRBO, or their own means can communicate with their guests over SMS.

Developed alongside Voxable, which also co-created the Ghostbot app with Burner, Hostbot is a way to streamline communication. It could be helpful for hosts who manage multiple listings across platforms and opt to use a disposable phone number. Hosts first download the Burner app, authenticate with their credentials, and then can program responses to frequent questions their guests may have.

Guests don’t have to download anything — they just submit questions through SMS messaging and Burner’s system uses natural language processing to understand what’s being asked. Questions can range from “What’s the Wi-Fi password?” to “Where’s the washing machine?,” and Hostbot will automatically respond with the answer. However, if the chatbot doesn’t know how to answer a question that’s asked, it will route the message directly to the host.

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