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How a bot can help with airline compensation

I was talking to Eric Bahn from 500 Startups the other night. He was telling me how he had once missed an investor meeting because his flight out of London got delayed — a scenario I’ve heard multiple times before. But Eric concluded with something that stood out to me:

“I think the worst thing in all of this was the feeling of betrayal because of the complete absence of empathy or even slightest desire to help on behalf of the airline staff. Knowing that you’re at the mercy of these people sucks… it’s not like I can hop behind the desk and book myself on the next flight out.”

Eric is spot on. I think part of the reason we’ve been seeing such a surge in disruptive technologies is because people are simply fed up with the continuously deteriorating service they’ve been receiving from the old school market leaders. We’ve never been more interconnected, and we expect that relationship to transpire across businesses and improve the service we receive. That’s why we opt for Airbnb instead of a large hotel chain, chose Uber over a taxi, and send Bitcoin instead of wiring money through a bank. Read full story.

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