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How will bots make money? Here are 7 business models

You already know that bots are one of the hottest topics since mobile apps. That’s already clear.

With major announcements from Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Amazon, the bot craze has grown dramatically over just a few months.

But one question that is being discussed in boardrooms, amongst makers in Slack channels and in Facebook groups around the web is this:

  • How will these things make money?

  • Well, that’s exactly what I’m going to dive into with this post. Over the last couple months, my co-workers and I have been up to something that leverages a bot and have had many conversations with bot makers on this exact topic.

  • So, here are seven business models that I expect bot makers to have the ability to leverage and redefine in the coming months.

Bots as a Services (BaaS)

B2B Bots that help people and teams be more productive, manage tasks or tackle communications challenges will replicate business models being used by existing B2B software.

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