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How Artists Can Utilize Bots In 2017

We’ve seen a few artists adopt the technology early, and they’re smart for doing so.

Hardwell, a multi-award winning Dj, released his own Messenger bot this past summer. It was a “world first” fan experience in dance music, and a great example of how artists can easily use the platform while experimenting with new ways to connect with fans. You can check out the bot here, but here’s a breakdown of the few things it does:

  1. Notifies fans of new songs and videos — and NOT in spammy way.

  2. Allow fans to contribute to his ‘Hardwell On Air’ shows by broadcasting audio that fans share via Messenger.

  3. Asks users to vote for a song of the week, which he announces during his HOA show.

  4. Accepts user fan art, which he shares on his Twitter and Instagram once a week.

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