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Why promoting bots via Facebook Ads doesn't work (at least for now).

As you can see by the image in this post, I ran a Send Now campaign for my bot, Qwazou. The call to action (click) for this campaign took the user to my bot's Get Started screen vs. taking the users to the actual content I was promoting in this campaign. I cannot complain at all about the number of clicks I received for the amount I paid. The $.06 per click rocks! It's amazing, mind blowing, fantastic even. That's the good news.

Now the bad news. For my $7.76 spent, not one conversation was generated with my bot, making this a complete waste of money. As an analogy, the current experience is no different than if you were promoting a blog article via an ad platform with the call to action taking users to the front page of your website instead of to the specific article, materially restricting any conversions...Until the FB ad platform supports true bot deep linking, (e.g. circumventing the Get Started screen and taking new and existing users to content inside your bot), I recommend not wasting your hard earned $s or €s, or any other currency.

I still love the messaging platform, I just want to adore it :-)

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