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Messenger bot called Around ME that shows you cool places around you (wherever you are)

For the past few years I’ve been reading and learning about chat interfaces and most of all, chat bots. There is a huge hype around them (a legit one) and a lot of apps are now written in chat bot form. Chat interfaces are emerging as a most natural way for people to communicate. But, I’m not here to talk about that. You probably know all of that. I’m here to introduce a bot that I made. It’s called Around ME.

Around ME is a Facebook Messenger bot which based on location you provide, searches and shows you a desired type of places around you. It works anywhere in the world so it’s kinda amazing and very useful when you travel. And you don’t need to install any new app beside Messenger.

It’s super easy to use. Let me demonstrate it:

You go to Around ME Facebook page and click Send Message or you search for it inside you Messenger app like this:

  • Once you click on it you we’ll be greeted. When you’re ready you just click on Get Started. This screen will be show only first time you interact with Around ME.

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