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How our MyWorkout bot became an “overnight success” on Facebook Messenger

When I woke up yesterday, our MyWorkout bot was boasting a huge increase in user numbers. I scrolled back and found out that this had been going on for a few hours. The sudden increase in users even brought our user statistics database to its knees :) Luckily everything else was just working fine.

At first we had no idea where all the users came from. It wasn’t bound to any location and I couldn’t find any article or popular post that linked to MyWorkout. Was it possible that we had been featured by Facebook? I checked Messenger but couldn’t find us in the suggested bots bar. Only after talking to a few of our users I found out that they saw us in the suggested bots bar. We had been featured by Facebook on parts of their messenger platform. I almost jumped to the roof when I realized.

So how did we get there? Read full story.

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